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When the Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Association was setting up an exhibition stand at their 2015 National Conference they wanted something a bit extra to get the attention of the 1,500 delegates in attendance.

Their answer was to include a 3D printer as part of their display. Dubbed ‘Cubie’, their Cube3 printer became a show-stealer attracting the curiosity of almost every delegate walking past their booth.

According to SMSF Association spokesperson Priscilla Wildy, the delegates would come over to their stand to check out what was being printed, making it easy for sales staff to start up conversations.

“One of the best advantages of having Cubie at the stand was that delegates would keep coming back throughout the three days of the event, often bringing friends or colleagues to check on the progress of what was being printed or to see what was being printed next.”

Cubie was also a social media favourite during the conference with delegates taking and posting photos on Twitter and Facebook, ensuring the booth and conference overall got heaps of interest.

Priscilla told us they also gave away some of the items they printed as an incentive for people to sign on with their offers and promotions: “Overall Cubie was an absolutely fantastic investment for us, paying for itself within the first half day of the event through sales and conversations that would perhaps not have happened without such a popular attraction drawing delegates into our booth.”

While self-managed super funds and 3D printers may seem an unlikely marriage, here at PrintIn3D we believe it was a perfect union. Ultimately both are about investing in the future.

Cube3 printer     Delegates with the Cube3 printer     Cube3 printed robot figure

 Cubie The 3D Printer     Cube3 printer     Delegates with the Cube3 printer

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