PrintIn3D in Melbourne

As one of Australia's premier manufacturing and education centres, Melbourne's 3D scene is about to hit its stride. As Australian manufacturing begins to evolve in to a more technology and knowledge-based sector, we are beginning to see a trend emerging: to stay ahead of the times is to stay on the technological front line.

Operating out of Geelong, PrintIn3D is Melbourne's top choice for 3D printers and scanners. Our proximity allows us to offer our lauded customer service directly to our clients, and enables us to exhibit our passion for 3D technology in an open forum. If you require a 3D printer or scanner in Melbourne and engage us, you are not just gaining the unit. You are further gaining:

  • The finest 3D printing and scanning technology
  • Experienced and informative customer service
  • 3D printing and scanning information and training

We love what we do, and we believe that we are the finest in the country at it. If you are looking towards 3D printers and scanners to achieve your goals, we are the best in Melbourne. Give us a call and get in to 3D technology with us, at PrintIn3D.

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Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia and one of its leading business and sports destinations. Known for its classic architecture and urban vibe, the city is known worldwide for the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Australian Grand Prix.