3D printing and scanning is quickly becoming essential tools in many industries.  The technologies are already a staple in cutting-edge manufacturing and engineering and will increasingly spread across the sciences, medicine, architecture, town planning and even creative design professions.

Many schools are already acknowledging the importance of future-proofing their students by incorporating 3D scanning, modelling and printing throughout their learning programmes.  3D printers offer teachers a new tool for giving their students the necessary skills and knowledge to help shape their futures.  By merging theory with hands-on practical education solutions, 3D printing introduces fun and wonder to kids’ learning experiences.

We offer 3D printer packages suitable for all age levels from early primary through to senior years.

Reel stories

The best part of our business is being able to help school students with innovative projects.We were recently commissioned by a North Geelong Secondary College student to 3D print a gladiator for his Visual Communication course. Read more